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“Rock. Nothing else. The wild fig tree and the ironstone.
An armed sea. No room at all for genuflection. Outside the Elkomenos Church gate a crimson in the black. The old women with their cauldrons bleaching the longest woven cloth in history suspend on rings from the forty-four Byzantine arcades”
Monovasia, Yiannis Ritsos

 The Byzantine majestic castle-rock of Monemvasia thrived as a cultural pole, a com-mercial crossroad and a military stronghold over the centuries. The medieval castle city experienced also strong Venetian, Frankish and Turkish influences.
At a glance
• Monemvasia has more than 5,000 residents with excellent food and quality nightlife all year around. The medieval castle’s name means "single entrance"
• the access to the properties is guaranteed 365 days a year (the Peloponese is the biggest island of Greece and connected with a bridge to mainland Greece)
• Athens airport 3 hours & Kalamata airport 1.5 hours with the new highways, Kythera airport 2 hours
• Excellent bus & taxi/limo service 
• Monemvasia has 3 yacht & boat marinas
• Excellent medical facilities (nearest hospital 15min)
Monemvasia – Brief History
• 2000 BC. During the Minoan period it was used as a naval base
• 600 AC. The castle-rock was mostly inhabited by Spartans in defense of invasions (Slavic and Avaric)
• 600-1267 AC. A significant Byzantine naval & land stronghold. On occasion it was home of Byzantine emperors. The fortress withstood the Arab and Norman invasions and conquests in 1147
• For certain periods (1464 – 1540, 1690 – 1715) it fell under the rule of the Venetians
• 1821. It was the first among the fortified towns of the Peloponnese to be liberated by the Greeks from the Ottoman-Turks. The day is celebrated every 23rd of July.
• At its hype the medieval castle held more than 40 byzantine-orthodox churches. During
invasions it held up to 40,000 inhabitants.

Things to do
  Monemvasia offers a great deal of options. Options to eat (there are more than 30 taverns), enjoy a coffee or a drink (more than 15 bar and cafes) under the majestic Byzantine castle-rock or by the water-front. In the region of Monemvasia one can also find literally hundreds of beaches to choose from. Quiet ones or busy with tourists, with sand or pebbles, wavy or calm, with beach bars or water sports (wind surfs, jet-skis etc).
  In Monemvasia the visitor can also get involved in active sports such as hiking (nature lovers have a large choice of well marked hiking trails), sailing, fishing or enjoy beautiful boat rides and excursions.
 For diving into the Aegean blue there is wide choice in the surrounding sandy beaches of Pori (1km, with a beach-bar and music), Gefyra (1.5km with taverns and cafes), Kakavos and pera Kakavos pebbled Beach, Ampelakia beach (5km, with a beach bar & music), Xifia Beach (with a quaint tavern for ouzo and fish-food) and also Kastella Beach, Moukala beach etc. One can also enjoy the unique experience of swimming below the fortress of Monemvasia at Portello bay or at Kourkoula.

Climatic Characteristics of the Region
- The average daytime temperature for summer is 30,6
οC with very low humidity
- winter medium temperature is 1
- The region enjoys over 300 days with sunshine per year